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2024/2025 HURON HEAT 

Registration is now OPEN!!

Thank you for choosing Huron Heat Female Hockey Association.We are extremely excited about the growth of our organization and what is to come. After analysing costs to determine this years registration fees we thought it would be helpful to be transparent with families and give a better idea how fees are determined. Below is a breakdown of what Huron Heat fees include:

What do my Huron Heat Registration Fees Include?

1. Ice Time up to 60 hours for T2/T3 and up to 90 hours for T1 of contracted ice of the course of 29 weeks spanning from Mid September 2024 to Mid April 2025, with the exception of U7 spanning 25 weeks. This allotted time will be used for all practise, exhibitions games and league play. 

2. Referees  Referees for all home league games, home playoff games, and home Provincial playdown games. Rep teams will be covered for refs for 3 home exhibition games. Second teams will be covered for refs for 2 home exhibition. Additional exhibition games may be scheduled using the teams regular ice time, however referee costs will be the responsibility of the team. 

3. OWHA and League Registration Fees  all teams and players must pay both OWHA registration fees as well as individual league registration fees. This is covered by your registration fees. 

4. OWHA/Hockey Canada Insurance Fees – all players, and bench staff must pay Insurance fees. The association will cover the costs of all player insurance fees as well as a maximum of 5 bench staff per team. Fees for any extra bench staff will be invoiced to the individual team. 

5. Certification Training for Bench Staff – All coaches, and trainers must be certified and must provide Police Background checks. These costs are covered by the Association.
6. Provincial Bonds Huron Heat will cover the bond fee for all teams advancing to Provincials in April 2025

*NEW Rep Fees

Players who are assigned to a Rep team for their division will be allotted additional practice ice time throughout the season and those costs are captured by their additional Rep Fees that are to be paid on top of Base Registration Fees

As our organization continues to grow and ice time and costs continue to significantly increase the Huron Heat Executive has plans in motion to begin significant fundraising efforts including individual fundraising, team fundraising and potentially hosting organization tournaments. New to our organization, but common in most others, this effort aims to assist in the growing costs of playing hockey. Please stay tuned for more information and volunteer opportunities to come.

Payment Schedule & Late Fees
In an effort to assist families with registration costs a payment schedule can be found below. Individuals who do not meet or exceed the outline payment dates will be charged $100 in total late fees. 

Financial Assistance 
There are many amazing programs that offer financial assistance in order to make playing hockey accessible for all. Please reach out to [email protected] for further information.

Families that have THREE or more children enrolled will receive a 50% discount on the younger Childs registrations fees. 
All Goal Tenders who are playing with the Huron Heat will be offered their registration FREE.  Huron Heat will cover 50% of goalie development opportunities offered by the association.

2024-2025 Huron Heat
Registration Fees


Base Fee*

U7 (2018/2019)


U9 (2016/2017)


U11 (2014/2015)


U13 (2012/2013)


U15 (2010/2011)


U18 (2007/2008/2009)


*Players selected for Tier 1 teams [BB/A] will be allocated additional ice time as part of their Rep Fees.

Rep Fees will be determined by ice costs / roster sizes at the conclusion of the tryout process and added to above base rates.


                               1st Instalment
May 31st
2nd Instalment 
July 1st
FINAL Instalment
Sept 1st
 U7/Initiation  $225 $112.50 $112.50
 U9 (Tier 1) $350 $175 $175 + Rep Fees TBD
U9 (Tier 2, 3)   $350  $175 $175
U11 (Tier 1)  $430 $215 $215 + Rep Fees TBD
U11 (Tier 2,3)  $430 $215 $215

U13 (Tier 1)


$233.75  $233.75 + Rep Fees TBD
U13 (Tier 2, 3)   $467.50 $233.75 $233.75

U15 (Tier 1)


$275 $275 + Rep Fees TBD
 U15 (Tier 2, 3) $550  $275 $275

U18 (Tier 1)

$550 $275 $275 + Rep Fees TBD
U18 (Tier 2, 3)  $550 $275 $275

Upon accepting a position on a Tier 1 or Tier 2 team, a 50% deposit of the base fees will be due within 7 days.  All other registrants must pay the 50% deposit by May 31 to guarantee a spot on a team.  This fee is non-refundable.  The final 50% will be due by September 1, 2024.  Final instalment payments can be made in full by September 1st or 25% can be paid on July 1st with the other 25% being due on September 1. A late fee of $100 will be charged to each player who has not paid in full by September 1, 2024.

Huron Heat Female Hockey Association accepts payments by cheque or e transfer only. 

Cheques made payable to : 

Huron Heat Female Hockey Association 

P.O. Box 1651 

Clinton, Ontario 

N0M 1L0 

A $25 charge will be applied for all NFS cheques.

Please etransfer [email protected] with payment including player name/division in the memo.


Thank you for registering with the Huron Heat we are looking forward to another incredible season go Huron Heat Hockey. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]